History and Introduction to Engineering Department of IST Group.

The history of IST Group dates back to 2005 and since then has continued to its way seriously and without interval. Principal fulfilling of projects and increasing success in country development arena, has made great strides and incentive to compete in this collection. Now this group consists of five separate companies of Tav IST Group, Toranj IST Group, Tiva IST Group, Tiba IST Group and Talash IST Group. Tav and Toranj firms are specialized in geotechnical engineering, materials resistance and test welding, the two companies of Tiba and Tiva are specialized at designing, retrofit and monitoring in architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical fields. Talash Company is also working in the field of construction, airports, oil and gas, petrochemical and industry projects. This engineering group is credited by the Presidential Deputy of Strategic Planning and Control for technical and engineering services in the fields of architecture, structures, facilities, retrofitting, geotechnical, concrete and welding laboratory services across the country. Through the past years this engineering group has worked in various engineering fields of many projects in Iran such as monitoring on 1100 units trade-residential project of Ngine Dolatkhah. Also, it has been steadily involved in activities in the field of technical and engineering services including studies and design, monitoring and implementation of architecture, structural, electrical and mechanical installations, geotechnical studies, excavation and stabilization of excavations, drilling and tunneling. In recent years by hiring professional personnel, specialized geotechnical contracting has been an important part of activities and this group provides consulting services, project and implementation management to governmental, public and private sectors. Having geotechnical expertise in the company, a good situation is provided in terms of analysis, design, testing, monitoring and implementation of deep excavation as well as design and implementation of pile ranging from bored piles to driven piles.


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Strategic and long-term development plan of IST group

IST group by providing technical and engineering services, consulting and contracting in the fields of research and design, monitoring and implementation of architectures, structure, geotechnical, installations and retrofitting with an emphasis on the needs of development projects and relying on the ability, experience and modern equipment, will provide services in the form of a group (EPC) for the development of our beloved homeland. In order to improve the performance, to meet the requirements, to increase satisfaction and confidence of all beneficiary parties, this group has followed bellow principles and put its commitment towards achieving them.
- Increasing employers' satisfaction by providing appropriate services and superior quality
- increasing the awareness and competencies of staff by training courses based on the latest method and training engineers and specialists responsible for projects across the country.
-Raising the level of qualification and ranking of firm by presence of experienced engineers and advanced machinery.
- Use of modern techniques, especially information technology to provide better services for employers.
- to set up a working group of research-technology and direct relationship with the nation's top universities and research institutes for specialized studies of research projects.
- Participation in international projects and competition with foreign companies in the international arena, especially in neighbor countries.
- Launch of IST group specialized Research & Technology department to study the seismic retrofitting of existing structures in country.
- performing Joint projects with reputable companies abroad in order to exchange information and experiences.
In order to achieve the above objectives, while obligation to implement the policy and providing resources necessary to achieve the above objectives and to review the above-mentioned annually, I expect from the main assets of the company who are employees and engineers to create an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation based on the principles of discipline, professional ethics and proficiency in order to establish a full quality management system and progress efforts.

Chairman of the Board
Amir Najaf zade     

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